GAMMA – Fraudulent Training Academy run by Avinash “Ananda” Gulrajani & Varsha PG

30 Oct

“Once you are stuck in the rut you can’t get away from their clutches”. Avinash “Ananda” Gulrajani and his sister Varsha PG have posed as motivational speakers and trainers only to mess with my life and the lives of innocent others around. They have highly influenced me to con others into investing 8.5 lacs and more to join the programs and workshops in GAMMA. They literally imprisoned me and stripped me off every bit of dignity which amounted to mental abuse and physical harassment as well. Avinash Gulrajani claims he trains the High Court Judges, Mumbai Police as well as Traffic Police but that doesn’t give him any right to sexually harm innocent people and more so young women and children like me. This brother and sister go out telling people that they can be trainers and get them into their cult-like system only to exploit them mentally & sexually. People who invest to become trainers have paid a lot of cash as fees and hence they feel obligated to stick through with the hope of earning and learning both of which don’t happen in such a situation as they are taken for a royal ride by these con artists. They make the trainers do household chores while the parents of these kids think they are busy studying in a reputed academy like GAMMA. They also make their team of trainers and fans do personal favours for people and clients in exchange for business which again is cheap, uncouth & uncalled for. Avinash Gulrajani is responsible for intoxicating children with drugs and alcohol during over-night sessions in Mumbai and Pune. He is a sick disgusting man who has gotten into relationships and sexually harassed and even molested many women under the guise of helping them. He and his sister work hand in glove partaking in all these devious activities. His sister Varsha PG keeps telling the world that she’s been raped only to gain peoples sympathy and make them emotional so that they give into this intense manipulation. He does all of the above in a residential flat in both Mumbai & Pune which he calls his training centers. His parents Mr Preetam and Mrs Manjula Gulrajani seem to be involved in this nasty game. I have been devastated and depressed since this incident and don’t know what to do. Please Help! Hope everyone learns from such mistakes and never repeats it in the future.


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